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5 Reasons to Move From Spreadsheets to an HRMS

Many HR admins and managers rely on spreadsheets to help them record key people-related data. It may be sufficient enough when you are managing a small number of employees or want to work with a very specific set of data. However, using spreadsheets once your organization starts to grow and staff numbers increase isn’t going […]

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Benefits of HRMS Software to Small Business

If you’re at the helm of a small business, you may not see the benefits of HRMS software right away, but you may be surprised at the advantages a reasonably-priced HRMS solution can bring to your company. With a large number of cloud HR systems on the market today, such as InfinityHR, HRMS for small […]

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Benefits Management and the HRMS Selection Process

Benefits management technology has become a required feature of the HRMS. Regardless of your company size, the options, information and money it takes to implement benefits management technology is a significant undertaking. How can you ensure you are making the right decision in choosing a vendor for your benefits software?

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Selecting an HRMS System that Both HR and IT Can Agree On

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Human Resources department and the IT department are on opposite sides from how they operate within an organization. HR is involved in the people aspect of the business and how they perform various roles in the company. The IT department spends most of their time dealing […]

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4 Advantages of Managing Benefits in Your HRMS

Benefits management is a core HR function and if your HR team, whether internal or external resources, aren’t cutting it, this can be a huge de-motivator for employees. Employees don’t generally get super enthusiastic and motivated if benefits are managed well, but they will notice and become demotivated if they are managed badly.

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Top 5 Reasons Your HRMS System May be Missing the Mark

An HRMS solution that isn’t serving your organization’s needs can create a snowball effect. What happens in the often deadline-driven world of HR and payroll ends up affecting the flow of the entire company. Here are the five most commons ways HRMS systems may be missing the mark on efficiency. Manual Workarounds Manual workarounds are […]

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