Spotlight on InfinityHR’s Time Off Tracking Feature

The Time-Off Tracking feature in InfinityHR provides for a simple, yet powerful, mechanism to define how employees should earn “Time-Off” and then track the usage of that “Time-Off” by employees.   In general, the Time-Off Tracking feature provides the following functionality:

time off tracking
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  • Automatically calculates available Time Off for each employee. This can be either through “accrual based” rules or through annual awarded units.
  • Allows employees to request Time Off through the Employee Portal. Employee requests will be automatically routed to the appropriate manager for approval.
  • Allows employees to view balances and accrual transactions through their Employee Portal.
  • Allows Managers to view pending requests and take appropriate action on those requests by utilizing variety of built-in tools.
  • Allows Administrators the ability to quickly configure Reporting/Routing Hierarchies.
  • Provides a reporting dashboard to Administrators to track trends in their Time Off data and analyze how Time Off is being utilized by employees.

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