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New Employee Onboarding Functionality

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Employee onboarding is a well-planned process that involves the help from HR administrators, department-level management and their overall team to make a newly hired employee feel welcome to the company as well as get them up to speed on the tasks and objectives of their overall job. Depending on how an organization has their employee onboarding program set up, it can ultimately be a decider if an employee stays with or quits early on the company that hired them.

Employee Onboarding Program

To help run a smooth employee onboarding program that attains and retains talent, many companies are looking to cloud-based HCM modules to help manage this process for them. Because of this, InfinityHR is releasing its brand-new Employee Onboarding module for businesses of all sizes to manage their onboarding initiatives.


Here’s everything you need to know about the update.

The new update will feature a streamlined portal to support the employee onboarding experience. It will incorporate our existing survey, workflow and event features as well as feature two additional pages within the portal:

  • ‘Welcome!’
  • ‘Meet your team!’

Does this update affect all users or users within specific modules?

All clients that want to offer an improved onboarding experience to new hires will have access to configure the onboarding module. Once configured, new hires will be directed to the new Onboarding Portal to complete their onboarding process.

When is this change happening?

This change will happen with our December 13th, 2018 release.

Is there any action required?

The configuration of the Onboarding module is required prior to use.


A new portal for an onboarding experience has been created, including two new pages:

  • ‘Welcome!’
  • Meet the team!’

Find the new onboarding module within settings>onboarding menu (admin portal).



Included along with the onboarding functionality:

  • Eligibility rules have been added to workflow steps for more configuration/control accessibility
  • A new user interface (UI) for surveys within the onboarding portal has been added
product updatres


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