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Access to a New Powerful Business Intelligence Tool

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InfinityHR teams up with Microsoft Power BI to support partners and clients with their untapped data resources. 

InfinityHR’s integration with Power BI utilizes connectivity with one of the most powerful business analytics service providers in Microsoft. Users can retrieve, analyze, transform, and report data in a variety of interactive visual formats. By using the self-service business intelligence capabilities, users can create reports and dashboards with data retrieved directly from InfinityHR. With this tool, anyone can harvest various data types instantly to analyze and make better business decisions for their organization.

Gaining the insight required for making data-driven decisions is necessary for making better business decisions. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Convenient access from the Administrator Dashboard
  • Easily integrates with other data sources 
  • Analytics are pulled from real-time data including the following fields
    • Demographic Data
    • Dependent Information
    • Compensation Data
    • Expense Reports
    • Time Clock Data
    • Time Sheet Data
    • Time Off Data
    • Benefits
    • Workers Compensation
  • Easy to use preset selections of common views to help you get started. Selections include:
    • Terminations by month 
    • Employee by employee status
    • Total active employees
    • Employees by gender
    • Employees by ethnicity
    • Year-to-date new hires
    • Average compensation by department
    • Tenure by department

To view the full release notes/ capabilities of Microsoft Power BI, click here. (Navigate to page 12 to start!)

*Pricing for the Microsoft Power BI Functionality is $9.95 per concurrent user per month (“Monthly Per Seat License Fee”).  InfinityHR is waiving the Monthly Per Seat License fee until January 15, 2019. All users will have to enter into a valid license agreement with Microsoft to utilize the Microsoft Power BI Functionality in conjunction with the use of InfinityHR. 

Setup Information

Microsoft Power BI is an integration within the InfiniftyHR HCM which allows admins to pull their HR data into Microsoft Power BI. Follow the below steps to get stared with Power BI:

Required: Sign up for Power BI directly with Microsoft by clicking on tab in the Power BI module or by clicking here

  1. Sign Service Activation Agreement within the Power BI module. 
  2. On the Setup Tab within the Power BI HRIS module, click on “Open in Power BI”
  3. Sign into Power BI
  4. Select “Get Data” at bottom right of screen
  5. Under “Microsoft AppSource”, click “Get” under “Services”
  6. Search for “InfinityHR” under the Apps and click “Get it Now”.

If you experience any issues with connecting to the InfinityHR app in Microsoft Power BI please visit the page: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/support/.  If this does not resolve the issue, please create a ticket in the Support Center.

How Human Resources Can Harvest Their Most Valuable Asset With Business Intelligence.

For more information on what a BI tool can do for you, download our free infographic and guide on How Human Resources Can Harvest Their Most Valuable Asset With Business Intelligence.

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