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InfinityHR Full HR Solution

Attack your clients complacency towards improving their HR processes in HR Management, Talent Management and payroll processing with the cloud-based InfinityHR HCM Platform. Improve administrative burnout by automating manual processes, improving data utilization and error-free compliance reporting. Enhance company culture with automated tools for employees to attain the information they want most. The platform allows your clients to scale based on their requirements. Learn more today.

Out Sourcing Payroll

Why Aren’t You Outsourcing Your Payroll Yet?

It might be debatable on what exactly is the most important facet to your business. Could it be sales? Content marketing? How about customer service? What about payroll?

Double Dragon Infographic Cover

Creating a Win Win with Voluntary Benefits and HCM

Benefit Brokers can help their clients enormously by helping to combat rising healthcare costs with the addition of voluntary benefits and an automated Human Capital Management platform added into their sales portfolios. Not only will this be a win for the broker—monetary wise—but it’s a win for the organization and its employees they’re helping.

How to Create Stronger Passwords

How to Create Stronger Passwords to Safeguard Organizational Data

Internet security should be top-of-mind for everyone who uses it to do their jobs. User-error is a big proponent to why organizations experience breeches of their most important data due to hacking. The first step to safeguarding your organization’s data is to educate your employee base on the best practices of setting up a secure […]

ERP Automated Solutions

4 Reason Why ERP Partners Should Pair Their Offerings with InfinityHR Automated Solutions

ERP partners looking to add a proven, highly scalable payroll and human resources solution to add to their sales portfolio should consider InfinityHR’s automated HCM platform. Here’s four reasons why!

Business Intelligence Infographic

How Human Resources Can Harvest Valuable Assets with Business Intelligence

The world’s most valuable resources aren’t oil, diamonds and gold anymore. It’s DATA. If your organization is not maximizing its potential through data gathering and analysis best practices, they will fall behind in today’s competitive market. Learn more about Business Intelligence today!

HR Automation Sales Infographic

Broker’s Guide to HR Automation Sales

Benefits brokers who are not pairing their offerings with a HR automated solutions are at risk of falling behind their peers for sales in the industry. Learn why the partnership between benefit offerings and technology is crucial in today’s marketplace.

Employee Benefit Program Infographic

Idea Guide – Employee Benefits Program

Sixty-five percent of employees across the country have indicated that the workplace is a major source of stress for them. Learn how to buck that trend by creating a work atmosphere that includes varying benefits programs that your employee base wants most.