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Your 5-Step Post-Open Enrollment Benefits Checklist

Benefits Admin Experience Landing Page v2-01Congratulations on completing the Benefits Enrollment period for your organization, it wasn’t an easy task to do! However, as much as you want to forget all those company-wide informational meetings, answering questions about deductibles and sending out mass emails—the process isn’t quite over yet.

To truly be complete with the process and to set yourself up for a better experience the next enrollment period—we must now focus on a post-enrollment strategy. Human Resources (HR) professionals and/or business owners can use this checklist to tie up those last remaining loose ends. Download this checklist now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Utilizing a Post-Open Enrollment plan is key to making sure your organization and its staff have truly completed the enrollment period
  • Using this checklist will help cut down on any potential communication issues within your organization regarding benefits enrollment
  • Having a Post-Open Enrollment plan will help set you up to have an even better open enrollment experience for next year


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