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HR Security Checklist to Safeguard Organizational Data

Benefits Admin Experience Landing Page v2-01Long-gone are the days that an organization can solely rely on the information technology (IT) department to fully defend them from the hazards of malicious viruses, data theft and other cyberattacks. As businesses become more reliant on technology, especially software as a service (SaaS) which is typically housed online and, in the cloud, the more at risk they become as a target to devious intent. As the human resources department holds a trove of sensitive data, they need to become more involved in educating employees on common sense internet and HR security protocols to safeguard this information.

HR Security: Why safeguarding your business data should be top-of-mind

Key Takeaways:

  • Growth in cyberattacks among HR systems is a real, underrated threat
  • The HR department is a goldmine for cybercriminals who would love nothing more than to have access to—social security numbers, medical history, compensation, enrolled benefits, phone numbers and addresses. This data must be protected at all costs with proper HR security protocals.
  • An organization who is crippled by a cyberattack can face the following consequences
    • Loss of trust from customers, employees, management and the overall public
    • Potentially losing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars
    • Being a poster organization for “what not to do” with the sensitive HCM data you hold—history will always remember


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