Considering Compliance when Selecting Your HRMS Solution

For any business – small or large – there are many labor laws and regulations that must be complied with. If you pair up with the right software, you can reduce the risk of non-compliance as well as headaches with the following items.

Onboarding of new hires leaves an electronic trail and will show what has been sent and received, as well as what’s been signed and when it was completed. This makes onboarding much more simplistic in order to prove that you are being compliant. Whether it’s legal documents – I-9, W-4 or state withholding forms – to company confidentiality reports and company handbooks, having these necessary documents on hand in your HRMS is critical.

Healthcare-related compliance in the US is actually comprised of multiple pieces of legislation. From the Affordable Care Act to HIPPA and several others, an HRMS is the best solution to house all of data needed to collect and report accordingly.

The main consideration during the hiring process is to avoid any discriminatory practice that would leave a company open to a claim. Whether it’s questions during the interview process, reference checks, or how the job was advertised, there’s a risk of prejudice based on race, ethnicity, marital/family status, disability, gender, age, religion and more. HRMS software can help with HR compliance to ensure that all forms of communication – interview invitations, offer letters, etc. – are in good standing. A solid HRMS solution will have fully compliant questionnaires, such as an EEO self-identification questionnaire, and will ensure that the responses are used in the most appropriate manner, including reporting on diversity of the workforce.

While HRMS solutions, such as InfinityHR, allow you to meet all of the various HR compliance demands and deadlines, it also allows you to keep that electronic trail to prove that you have done so, reducing your organization’s risk of non-compliance and possible fines.

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