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what is the difference between erp and crm software

Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Payroll System for Your Business

Whether you’re a small or large business, you know that payroll processing is the most important operation that you cannot mess up. Why? Because the moment your employees are paid inaccurately, or if payment is delayed, there will be problems. This is their livelihood at stake, so it’s up to you to make sure that payroll […]

secure payroll fraud

6 Strategies for Secure Payroll Processing and Fraud Prevention

Payroll processing is a core function for organizations to be able to compensate their employees for the work they are doing. A payroll system also holds a massive amount of sensitive employee information. If best practices to secure payroll processing are not properly implemented, sensitive information is left vulnerable, which can put both the employee […]

managing payroll hris hcm

Benefits of Combining Payroll and HRIS Technology to Create a True HCM Platform

In the past, many businesses would follow a traditional approach in regard to siloing their human resources (HR) and their payroll responsibilities into two separate entities. While that may work for some organizations, many others are looking into the benefits of what combining payroll and HRIS technology will do for them. We live in a world […]

W-4 form

IRS Postpones Primary Revisions to Form W-4 until 2020

If you were sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation for the expected revisions of the Form W-4—Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate—by the Treasury Department to happen anytime soon, then you’re in for a little disappointment. The IRS has announced that you will now have to wait until 2020 for these updates.

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Acumatica and InfinityHR Payroll Management System

Acumatica’s payroll management system, developed by InfinityHR, integrates Acumatica with employee data to handle all payroll functions for your company (or multiple companies). Automate payroll functions, integrate with external payroll providers, accept employee time and attendance through timeclock or employee portal, manage tax filings, and more.

Company Meeting

Building a Business Case for Integrated HR and Payroll Software

We all know that having integrated Payroll and HR Software would make life a lot easier, but in order to secure the budget needed for the software, you will need a very clear business case for how the investment will benefit the organization. 


The Importance of HRMS to the Payroll Department

The payroll department, much like the HR function, is often critically viewed by employees. If you do not pay someone properly (or worse – not at all), you’ll definitely hear about it! If you do not have HRMS payroll software, not only are you missing an opportunity to improve your payroll operations, but your payroll […]