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work burnout

24 Percent of Employees Experience Burnout From Going Back to Work After Vacation

A recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association showed that burnout is the real deal […]

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business intelligence

Boosting Human Resources With Business Intelligence Tools

The human resources (HR) department is often overlooked by their organizations as a resource to help […]

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hr chatbot

The Pros and Cons of Using HR Chatbots

When we talk about HR chatbots, we aren’t talking about anything new or groundbreaking. The chatbot […]

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gig worker

Talent Managers Reveal ‘Gig Workers’ are Becoming the New Normal

As we continue hurtling through year-after-year of human existence, you could probably point out the stark […]

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beach sunset

Work-Life Balance – The 10 Best States You Should Work In

As a professional employee for XYZ corporation, you may be someone who struggles with a work-life […]

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how to earn respect

7 Effective Tips to Earn Respect Around the Office

Whether you are a new employee just entering the workforce, or a savvy veteran with years […]

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optimizing linkedin

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Account for Maximum Exposure

Around 500 million people around the globe are using LinkedIn for job searching, networking and highlighting their […]

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asking for a raise

How to Ask for a Raise – A Guide for the Underpaid

Whether you’re asking for a cost-of-living pay increase or you know that you’re worth more than […]

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high potential employees

How to Retain Your High Potential Employees for Leadership Positions

Spotting and nurturing high potential (HIPO) employees for leadership positions within an organization isn’t easy. Especially, […]

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frustrated worker

5 Toxic Workplace Policies Employers Should Avoid

A 2000-person survey conducted by SHRM in 2015 revealed that 1 in 3 U.S. workers hoped to […]

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traffic jam

The 7 Most Outlandish Excuses for Being Late to Work You’ll Read

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another. You missed your alarm, your […]

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business intelligence

Business Intelligence: How Human Resources Can Utilize It

The world today is becoming more and more data-driven. As companies look to stay competitive, they […]

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