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How to Generate ERP Leads

Finding leads in any profession is a timely task that requires a lot of patience, thick skin, and perseverance. As an ERP consultant, you are aware of the mud you have to crawl through just to identify leads, nurture them and (hopefully) get them to sign a contract with you. With that said, mastering how […]

How to Sell ERP Solutions to Tech Pros and Their C-Suite Superiors

As an Enterprise Relationship Planning (ERP) consultant, you know that your sales timelines are uncertain. The sales you close may take weeks or possibly even months. You also have a pretty good idea on how to sell ERP solutions, but at the same time, you think there are ways to improve your strategy, especially when […]

Why ERP Partners Should add a Human Capital Management Platform in their Sales Portfolio

Many ERP partners have come to realize the overall value of combining HCM and ERP opportunities enhance the value proposition to their prospects or their existing clients. By providing an integrated solution that touches every aspect of an organization it enables companies to manage their day-to-day business activities along with managing key personnel information that […]

No, an ERP System is not the Same as a Dedicated HCM Platform

An Enterprise Resource Planning platform, or ERP software system, is primarily used for businesses who need to integrate and establish a means of communication between departments to share data and other workflows with one another. Organizations love the functionality of these systems because they are used for automating and streamlining those tedious tasks that have […]

Managing Human Capital With Acumatica Cloud ERP and InfinityHR

The Acumatica Cloud ERP platform is perfect for organizations who need to manage many various components of their day-to-day business functions from a single vendor. Acumatica is a scalable ERP solution that works in many different industries and organizations of all sizes. It focuses on providing real-time data into the inner workings of their operations, […]

Why Security Should be Top-of-Mind for HCM in ERP Cloud Systems

Massive data breaches are the real deal. Home Depot, Equifax and Yahoo have all experienced these ruptures due to poor security setup, mismanagement in the monitoring process and by overlooking the very threats that took them down. If this isn’t a wake-up call for organizations of all sizes, then we don’t know what will be. If […]

Does a Single Vendor for HCM and Payroll Needs Make Sense?

If it hasn’t been apparent over these last few weeks of posting, the benefits of combining your ERP software sales with an HCM solution include, raising your profit potential and becoming a technology expert among your clientele. As that information has already been planted into your brains numerous times found here and here. We’d like to […]

Why HCM Software Will Help You Leverage More ERP Sales

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know nothing is guaranteed. The strategies you may have used for success one year may not be enough to achieve it for the next. With that said, successful salespeople can attribute their prosperity by keeping up-to-date with other products and/or experiences that can enhance their relationships with their […]

Why Combining HCM and ERP is Beneficial for You

There’s a lot more to selling than just pushing a product, finalizing the sale and moving on. It’s 2018, the game is ever-changing. If you want to continue to compete and be successful with other ERP salespeople—you must be able to adapt to the latest trends as they can change significantly if you are not […]