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How to Sell ERP Solutions to Tech Pros and Their C-Suite Superiors

As an Enterprise Relationship Planning (ERP) consultant, you know that your sales timelines are uncertain. The […]

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hcm portfolio

Why ERP Partners Should add a Human Capital Management Platform in their Sales Portfolio

Many ERP partners have come to realize the overall value of combining HCM and ERP opportunities […]

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Erp System

No, an ERP System is not the Same as a Dedicated HCM Platform

An Enterprise Resource Planning platform, or ERP system, is primarily used for businesses who need to […]

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Managing Human Capital With Acumatica Cloud ERP and InfinityHR

The Acumatica Cloud ERP platform is perfect for organizations who need to manage many various components […]

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cloud systems

Why Security Should be Top-of-Mind for HCM in ERP Cloud Systems

Massive data breaches are the real deal. Home Depot, Equifax and Yahoo have all experienced these ruptures […]

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vendor agreement

Does a Single Vendor for HCM and Payroll Needs Make Sense?

If it hasn’t been apparent over these last few weeks of posting, the benefits of combining […]

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leverage erp

Why HCM Software Will Help You Leverage More ERP Sales

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know nothing is guaranteed. The strategies you may have […]

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connecting the puzzle

Why Combining HCM and ERP is Beneficial for You

There’s a lot more to selling than just pushing a product, finalizing the sale and moving […]

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