Mobile Solutions in HCM: The Future is Now

Mobility Solutions CoverMobile technology is disrupting the HR market. Look around wherever you are, and you’re likely to see people glued to their smartphones. In fact, your phone is probably sitting on your desk or in your pocket right now. We are living in a connected world and expect information and services to be delivered on demand in a mobile-friendly format. Human resources is no exception as the workforce is already turning to mobile solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the tremendous opportunity to connect and engage with your workforce through mobile technology
  • Hear how others are creating a strategy to maximize new technology that pushes the envelope every day
  • Details on choosing tools aimed at providing value to your employees and managers
  • Connect and engage with their workforce through mobile technology

HR departments and businesses focused on delivering innovative HCM, must meet their employees and consumers in the mobile space or risk being left behind.

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