Check out Frequently Asked Questions about Infinity Software Solutions’ Human Resources Information System software.

InfinityHR is a market leader in Human Resource Management Systems. InfinityHR is designed for businesses of all sizes to manage, maintain, communicate and automate employee and company-wide enrollment and benefits information. While other systems exist in the marketplace for attacking individual HR needs, no other product on the market today provides end-to-end automation like InfinityHR. This powerful solution provides self-service Employee Enrollment, Time Reporting, Employee Survey’s and on-going benefits administration functionality in a completely integrated and secured Web-based environment. This includes interfacing capability for both Payroll and Insurance Carrier systems.

Most companies use InfinityHR to lower the cost and work load of open enrollment and the ongoing benefits administration process during the year. By providing InfinityHR Employee Self Service Portal, companies greatly increase the employee’s sense of appreciation towards their benefits and overall compensation package, while significantly reducing the overall cost of HR administration. You will also realize a significant improvement in employee education and communication which results in improved employee retention. Another significant reason for using InfinityHR is to allow you to internally manage and control all of the employee benefits information with accuracy and ease, and automatically communicate that data to your insurance carriers and payroll system. There are also additional features in InfinityHR such as Time Reporting and Employee Survey capabilities that provide additional functionality for your employees and your company.

Companies from 50 to 10,000 employees will use InfinityHR. Usage is not based upon the size of the company but on the need of the company. Most companies start having HR management issues when they reach 100-150 employees. That’s when additional personnel are usually required to handle the increased HR work load. Some smaller companies (50-60 employees) use InfinityHR to lessen the work load on their current support staff and get control of their HR data as early as possible.

InfinityHR is a very flexible system. The many features and functions of InfinityHR are completely controlled and managed by the HR department. InfinityHR provides an administrative screen for easily selecting the features you wish to turn on or off at any time. For example, you can turn the time reporting function off if you do not wish to use it and it will not appear on any of the employee screens as an option.

Yes. You may visit the Infinity Software Solutions web page and register to access InfinityHR Resource Center to see an overview and detailed presentation of InfinityHR for HR Administrators and Employees.

InfinityHR provides online education and training for employees and HR staff. In addition to online help, the system automatically takes first time users of InfinityHR through an automated demonstration to educate them on all aspects of the system. Employees can revisit the automated demonstration at any time as well.

Each company will have the option to either manage the system internally or have Infinity Software Solutions support staff assist in the management of InfinityHR. In either case, Infinity Software Solutions will be available to answer any questions you may have.

InfinityHR is completely configurable. It is designed to provide Administrators with the ability to very easily make changes to the plan rules or policies by simply re-configuring the rules in a “point-and-click” manner. InfinityHR is extremely powerful and easy to use for both the employee and the Administrator.

Yes. You can allow each employee group to only see the plans that they are eligible for in InfinityHR software. The reporting capability also allows HR to see the percentage distribution of the coverage by employee, by location and by type of coverage. This provides excellent decision making ability when deciding on coverage changes and the effects on the entire employee group.

Yes. InfinityHR allows the employee and Administrators to manage multiple plan years at the same time. For example: If an employee completes the open enrollment in October for the next plan year and then gets married in November and wishes to add a spouse to their coverage for the remainder of the current year, then InfinityHR will accept the changes and then also ask the employee if they wish to continue that coverage for the next plan year.

Infinity Software Solutions will be your initial contact for questions.

InfinityHR can provide many opportunities for savings but some of the current statistics show that InfinityHR can save up to 75% of your current costs for staff time spent on open enrollment, benefits administration tasks, employee surveys, premium reconciliation, and management reporting. By having all the data at your fingertips, you may also make informed business decisions on any changes or improvements to your benefits program which can save thousands of dollars per year.

Areas of savings:

  • InfinityHR greatly reduces the time Administrators spend managing new hires, changes, and terminations. InfinityHR can reduce the time an HR Administrator spends on employee benefits by as much as 75%.
  • InfinityHR provides quick and powerful reporting to easily reconcile carrier premium bills (reduces time and potential overpayment).
  • InfinityHR electronically interfaces with Insurance Carriers which eliminates the need for Benefits Administrators to spend time faxing, sending, emailing, and entering benefits information for new hires, changes, and terminations.
  • InfinityHR electronically interfaces with any internal or external (service) Payroll Systems providing accurate deduction information. This reduces the expenses incurred when deductions are inaccurate.
  • InfinityHR alerts Administrators to key events such as overage dependents, and reminds Administrator to take appropriate actions to avoid over-payment of premiums.
  • InfinityHR avoids the cost of hiring additional administrative staff to handle the ever increasing amount of paperwork associated with managing employee benefits.

With InfinityHR you can be assured that among the detailed attention given to Security our Infrastructure provides:

  • Industry experienced, top-notch Network and Security Engineers dedicated to monitoring and supporting the system infrastructure.
  • 24×7 monitoring and intrusion detection.
  • Redundancy throughout the entire online infrastructure.
  • Tested Disaster Recovery plans consistent with industry standard best practices.
  • Consistent deployment of security technologies to counter emerging security threats.

Your Company data is, at all times, owned by your Company. If at any time you wish to stop the use of InfinityHR, your Company data will be returned to you electronically in order to continue the operation of your benefits program.

The cost of InfinityHR is based upon a per-employee-per-month fee. There is also a minimal set-up charge. Infinity Software Solutions or your Insurance Broker will review your situation and present a proposal to you that will provide IBS pricing and implementation information.

Yes. The set-up fee (which is normally in the range of $3,500 – $5,000) is determined for each individual company based upon the size of the company, and the availability and condition of the required data. It includes tasks such as the setup of the plan design, setup of plan eligibility rules, determination and implementation of company specific business/plan rules, payroll & carrier interfaces, administrative and security setup, and testing of all specifications.

Normal implementation takes between 8 and 10 weeks. It may take less or more time based upon the condition of the current required data and the assistance provided by the client.

InfinityHR is a very easy system to learn and use. InfinityHR provides system-based training for employees and HR Administrators to view at any time. Onsite training is also available through Infinity Software Solutions or your Insurance Broker to assist in InfinityHR start up process.

No. Companies normally have all of the required hardware and software in place. No special hardware or software is necessary to access or implement InfinityHR.

To access InfinityHR Employee Self-Service (ESS) Module, a user will need a personal computer on which a web browser capable of 40-bit or 128-bit encryption is installed. Acceptable browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher) or Netscape 5.0 (or higher). InfinityHR Application will negotiate the highest level of encryption available from the browser.

To access InfinityHR Employer Administration (EA) Module, a user will need a personal computer on which Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 (or higher) is installed. InfinityHR Application will negotiate the highest level of encryption available from the browser. It is highly recommended that users download and install the latest version and security patches available for Microsoft Internet Explorer as they become available.