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Use InfinityHR’s new EZSign for I-9

InfinityHR EZSign

With the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), employers are required to prove their employees are legally able to work in the United States.  The purpose of the I-9 form is to verify identity and authorization of any employee hired after November 6th, 1986 to work in the United States.  It is important that employers understand their roles and responsibilities in order to stay compliant and avoid civil penalties.

Announced on January 22nd, 2017 was a requirement that employers use a revised I-9 form to verify employment.  This now adds an additional layer of complexity to this ongoing requirement.  By staying current with shifting I-9 regulations and creating a trusted process to mitigate exposure will guarantee your HR Department is not subject to the penalties associated with hiring undocumented workers.

But how do you manage yet another requirement along with everything else?

Let InfinityHR help you stay compliant and take this manual process digital.  InfinityHR’s brand-new native EZSign can help you send, sign, store and secure I-9 documents, among other types of paperwork that is required in a compliant organization.

Using InfinityHR EZSign to manage your I-9 provides you with many features and benefits:

  • Support for Adobe PDF files.
  • Able to capture multiple signatures on one document.
  • Integration with Workflow Management.
  • Securely store signed documents in the InfinityHR application and designate where the documentation will be saved.
  • Creation of additional password security for digital signatures.
  • Digital signatures captured are legally compliant.
  • Access, sign and send important documents on the go, from any browser or your mobile device.

And that’s just the beginning!  Let InfinityHR manage your I-9 documentation on a long-term basis.

  • Save I-9 document under each employee’s […]

InfinityHR Workflow Management and Integration With Adobe® EchoSign®

Many employers rely on efficient process flow as part of their HR toolkit. The Workflow Management module provides a simple but powerful mechanism for tracking tasks as they progress from one employee to another. Workflows provide improved efficiency, standardization of working methods, and streamlining responsibilities.

The most common type of activities most tracked via a workflow are:workflows

  • Onboarding a new hire
  • Termination process and COBRA notification
  • Time tracking approvals before payroll
  • Time off submissions and approvals
  • Annual compliance notifications

In addition, an available integration with Adobe EchoSign can further simplify your process by incorporating editable W-4 and I-9 forms so you are easily able to capture an employee signature.

Benefits of using Workflow Management:

  • Workflow can be triggered automatically when an event occurs in the system.
  • Workflow can include as many steps and as many resources as needed to fully manage an entire process.
  • Emails can be triggered on a set schedule to remind your resources they have a step to complete in the process.
  • You may attach documents to the workflows.

Benefits of Using Adobe EchoSign in Your Onboarding Process:

  • EchoSign supports multiple file formats including Word documents, PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, and graphics (jpg, tiff, png).
  • EchoSign digital signatures are legally compliant.
  • EchoSign enrollment will allow ALL of your staff to sign legally binding documents.
  • All documents signed by the workflow resources will be stored in their HRIS employee profile.
  • Fillable documents can be used in the EchoSign module to collect information along with a signature.
  • Distribute new hire contracts, policy acknowledgments, and handbooks within the HRIS workflows.

For more information on how InfinityHR can help your business with Workflow Management and Integration with Adobe EchoSign, please contact us – or call us at 1-866-TRY-HRIS.

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Use Workflows & EchoSign for Efficient Onboarding

Did You Know…many employers rely on an efficient on-boarding process as part of their HR toolkit?

Consider using the InfinityHR workflow module to guide your onboarding.  In addition, an available integration with Adobe® EchoSign® can further simplify your process by incorporating editable W-4 and I-9 forms so you are easily able to capture an employee signature.

Access the links below to download your own .pdf versions:

Click here for W-4

Click here for I-9

Availability of these tools can streamline your HR processes considerably!

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Contact us for a live demonstration of how InfinityHR can automate and streamline your workforce management needs.

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How HRMS Workflows Can Add Value to Your Business

In all organizations, repeatable processes exist that often times go undocumented and untracked.  The (work) tasks associated with these processes often reside with a single employee or are inconsistently applied each time the process is executed.  This can often put both the organization and the people they serve at risk.

For example, in many organizations, tasks exist that must be completed each time a new employee is hired.  As a simple example, the following tasks might exist:Workflows

  • Complete a New Hire Orientation meeting with the employee
  • Have the employee complete and sign an I-9 form
  • Complete a Sexual Harassment Review
  • Order Business Cards

In the above example, the four steps identified are an example of a “workflow.”  Ensuring that these four steps are applied consistently and efficiently is the process
of “Workflow Management.”

The Workflow Management feature provides a simple, yet powerful mechanism for tracking information and tasks as they progress from one employee to another. Through proper workflow management, each of these employees will pass work on according to a predetermined procedure. Additionally, workflows can be triggered automatically, either by events that occur within the system or by time (i.e. scheduled event).

Workflow management is an important component of a business for a variety of reasons and can provide many advantages, some of which include:

  • Improved Efficiency: By automating many of the processes within a business and establishing a procedure that is consistently followed, unnecessary steps are eliminated, and every member of the team is fully aware of his or her responsibilities.
  • Employee Performance Tracking: When a link in the chain is broken, it is simple to go back and determine where this occurred.
  • Standardized Working Methods: A workflow will ensure that every employee working on the same level […]
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InfinityHR to Release Workflow Management Update

Service pack will be released on Sunday, March 16.

InfinityHR is pleased to announce the release of a new service pack to be applied to the Workflow Management functionality of the system on March 16.

What’s Included in the Service Pack:

  • Improved Workflow Filtering
  • Improved Workflow Instance Filtering
  • Expanded Workflow Dashboard Reporting
  • NEW: Enterprise Workflow Tracking

Full Release Notes: Workflow Management Service Pack – March 2014

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Contact us for a live demonstration of how InfinityHR can automate and streamline your workforce management needs.

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