Preparing for Open Enrollment Checklist

Open Enrollment Checklist

With open enrollment and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting behind us, most HR execs are probably ready for a break as it relates to anything benefits. But preparing now can dramatically decrease the stress around your next annual enrollment.

Download our spring cleaning checklist and let us help you get things in order now for the fall.

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The Complexity of HR Convergence


People Cogs

Having a one-stop shop for payroll is optimal for companies and employees, but converging payroll and HR management systems into one software platform is a complex task. Payroll systems must store employee data, pay and benefits, compensation history, and other information. Payroll is an area that HR must get right, all the time. Many business leaders may be reticent to change their payroll systems in fear of disrupting pay schedules. According to the Sierra-Cedar survey, surveyed organizations identified a number of continuing payroll challenges, including: reporting functionality, actual payroll functionality, integration, and poor service and support.

To adapt to these challenges, HR must see itself as a platform that provides services, tools, information, and real-time data to employees and managers. Bersin wrote that “an effective option is to build an integrated employee experience platform, one built on apps and an integrated backend.” This platform mentality matches the end users’ expectation that an application should seamlessly integrate from system to system. This standardization can help improve performance, decrease redundancy, and reduce human error in businesses. As an example, with HR and payroll systems synced together, double data entry can be avoided, thus reducing the HR workload. In the end, this simple mindset and platform approach can provide businesses a foundation to make complex decisions by easily pulling and working with data from their applications. Working through the “cloud” is one technological advance that can greatly enhance this platform approach.

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Benefits of an HCM Solution


HCM solutions are often one of the most important investments your organization will make. Not just because they are costly, but because they can change the way an organization operates. Whether you’re in the market for your first HCM system or looking to replace your current one, you should have a plan in place for measuring your return on investment (ROI). At the end of the day, the main reason to purchase a solution is the value you expect to get in return. This could be in terms of improved processes, increase in efficiency, reduction of overhead and more. The key is to identify specific metrics you can measure both before and after the implementation of the new system. Here are four key areas to look for improvements in a new HR system:

Reduction of Employee Turnover
Your HCM can assist you in employee performance and job satisfaction. You’ll be able to see warning signs right away and maximize the amount of time your most talented employees spend at your organization. If your company has a high turnover rate, observe how your new HCM system changes that and determine what replacement costs you avoided.

Streamlined Onboarding Process
Solutions that have a robust hiring and onboarding process can help your organization reduce time and administrative work that normally occurs when you bring a new hire from the application process to their first day on the job. If you can manage the hiring process efficiently, you save money and resources. A key point to look at: the average time to hire and cost per hire before you implemented your new HCM solution and where are you now?

Reduction of Recruiting Costs
Before you hire additional […]

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InfinityHR Officially Launches The Support Center – A New Case Management System

The Support Center – Making Every Customer Interaction Count

Support Center Launch Image

The Support Center is a new case management system that provides a seamless approach to better customer service. It allows for tracking, prioritizing and resolving of support tickets.

The Support Center will act as a shared inbox for all your questions and concerns. All support requests are stored in the online ticket system as tickets. Your Account Manager can create workflows that ensure tickets are routed, assigned, and escalated, so nothing ever gets lost in the cracks and all customer interactions become learning experiences.

Visit the all new Support Center by logging into your InfinityHR instance and clicking on the Visit Support Center button.

Support_Center_ButtonNeed additional training? View the short training video here for an overview of the Support Center.

Watch our leadership team, including CEO Jeff Torczon, discuss the importance of providing a better customer service experience with the launch of the Support Center.

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Human Resources’ Role in Data Security


Data breaches are an unfortunate reality of our digital lives. It seems that every month headlines of massive breaches blare across our news feeds: from 53-million Home Depot user accounts compromised in September 2014 to 1-billion Yahoo user accounts in December 2016. These large numbers belie the threat faced by smaller businesses, as they may not have the infrastructure to properly secure data or bounce back from a costly cyber-attack. Therefore, it is vital for Human Resources to become actively involved in data security through choosing the right cloud vendors to partner with as well as driving employee awareness around data security.

Key Takeaways

  • Analyze the importance of data security and the most common types of breaches.
  • Understand how cloud vendors are protecting Human Resources Information Systems from data security threats.
  • Explain how human resources teams can take responsibility for data security and drive employee awareness to improve accountability and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Download our our free guide to learn more about the vital role Human Resources’ plays in Data Security.

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InfinityHR HCM Evaluation Checklist


Choosing an HCM is a big commitment and choosing the right HCM solution that can help businesses streamline their processes is critical. HCM systems also empower HR teams to better react to their employees’ needs in a timelier manner. Although every HCM is unique and offers various features and benefits it can often be overwhelming to an HR department who is looking for a new solution to suit their needs.

Download our free checklist to help you during the vetting process.

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Employers Need to Optimize Enrollment Support

Effective communication and optimal enrollment processes are critical for employees to fully understand their benefits options. This is especially important for millennials as younger employees feel the least confident in their benefits decisions.  While millennials are the most tech-savvy generation, the majority of them value one-on-one consultations with a benefits expert.

Employers are starting to diversify their decision-support approach with millennials and not just rely on online support tools to provide the individualized support they seek. One-on-one
consultations, in-person meetings, and workshops are just some of the ways for employers reach younger workers.

Employers have a unique role in helping employees from all generations navigate their choices. This will help businesses maintain strong loyalty among employees and continue to attract
top talent in 2017 and beyond.

To learn more about optimizing enrollment support and other benefits trends, fill out the short form below to get immediate access to our Benefits Trends whitepaper.

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The Changing Environment of Mobile – A Shifting Strategy


Human capital management is at a crossroads with the digital economy. Leaders are struggling to create a strategy to maximize new technology that seems to push the envelope every day and closing this strategic gap is more imperative than ever.

Mobile phones are more powerful and faster than ever before and have transformed how we interact with content. This trend will not slow down anytime soon. By 2020, there could be nearly 21 billion connected devices. In addition, in 2015, the millennial generation surpassed Generation X as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. Millennials are tech savvy, have had cell phones their entire lives, and cannot remember a time before the Internet. They will expect flexibility, openness, and instant connection when using enterprise solutions. Thus, HR platforms must adapt.

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InfinityHR Mobile App — HR Where You Are.

We are excited about the upcoming launch of our mobile app in the beginning of April. The mobile app, ensures you always have the most up to date information wherever you are.

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Top Benefits Trends for 2017: Voluntary Benefits


Attracting top talent with competitive benefits will always be a top priority for employers. In the past, an appealing package may have included just retirement and health insurance. Today, with millennials overtaking Generation X as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, employers will have to become more creative and versatile. It will be important to customize packages that meet non-traditional needs and leverage new technology.

One important trend to consider in this new environment is offering voluntary benefits.

An Aflac Workforces Report found that 88 percent of employees see voluntary benefits as part of a comprehensive benefits package. Employees often pay for them through payroll deferral making them an attractive low-cost option for employers. Traditional examples include life insurance, vision, dental, disability, and accident insurance. These days, voluntary benefits are stepping outside of the box.

For example, pet insurance is one of the fastest growing voluntary benefits. Some employers are addressing generational differences by offering other benefits, such as financial planning and career development,in addition to student-debt programs. The availability of voluntary benefits can have a profound impact on employees and employers alike. The Aflac study found that employees with voluntary benefits were 19 percent more likely to be satisfied with their job and 14 percent less likely to look for another one. Employees with voluntary benefits also felt more confident about their financial future, a chief concern for millennials. In the end, having a menu of voluntary benefits can provide a low-cost boost to employee morale.

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Mobile Solutions in HCM: The Future is Now



Mobile technology is disrupting the HR market. Look around wherever you are, and you’re likely to see people glued to their smartphones. In fact, your phone is probably sitting on your desk or in your pocket right now. We are living in a connected world and expect information and services to be delivered on demand in a mobile-friendly format. Human resources is no exception as the workforce is already turning to mobile solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the tremendous opportunity to connect and engage with your workforce through mobile technology
  • Hear how others are creating a strategy to maximize new technology that pushes the envelope every day
  • Details on choosing tools aimed at providing value to your employees and managers
  • Connect and engage with their workforce through mobile technology

HR departments and businesses focused on delivering innovative HCM, must meet their employees and consumers in the mobile space or risk being left behind.

Download our our free guide to learn more about how to connect and engage with your workforce through mobile technology.

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