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With the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), employers are required to prove their employees are legally able to work in the United States.  The purpose of the I-9 form is to verify identity and authorization of any employee hired after November 6th, 1986 to work in the United States.  It is important that employers understand their roles and responsibilities in order to stay compliant and avoid civil penalties.

Announced on January 22nd, 2017 was a requirement that employers use a revised I-9 form to verify employment.  This now adds an additional layer of complexity to this ongoing requirement.  By staying current with shifting I-9 regulations and creating a trusted process to mitigate exposure will guarantee your HR Department is not subject to the penalties associated with hiring undocumented workers.

But how do you manage yet another requirement along with everything else?

Let InfinityHR help you stay compliant and take this manual process digital.  InfinityHR’s brand-new native EZSign can help you send, sign, store and secure I-9 documents, among other types of paperwork that is required in a compliant organization.

Using InfinityHR EZSign to manage your I-9 provides you with many features and benefits:

  • Support for Adobe PDF files.
  • Able to capture multiple signatures on one document.
  • Integration with Workflow Management.
  • Securely store signed documents in the InfinityHR application and designate where the documentation will be saved.
  • Creation of additional password security for digital signatures.
  • Digital signatures captured are legally compliant.
  • Access, sign and send important documents on the go, from any browser or your mobile device.

And that’s just the beginning!  Let InfinityHR manage your I-9 documentation on a long-term basis.

  • Save I-9 document under each employee’s […]

Onboarding and HRIS Technology

Turnover can be a negative in any organization. When there are staffing issues, remaining employees end up carrying a heavier workload, which can lead to poor employee morale. Unfortunately, employee turnover is unavoidable so it is critical to keep the hiring and onboarding process as smooth and efficient as possible to alleviate issues when an employee leaves the company.

One of the best ways to streamline the onboarding process is to use an HRIS solution, such as InfinityHR, with excellent onboarding features. Bringing the onboarding process online has many benefits for both the company and the recently hired employee.

Get Your New Hires Information Early
New employees want to know as much as they can about the company they just joined and how they can contribute in their new position. Enabling employees to get a jump start before they even start with your organization is key. Send information early and give them access to reference materials – documents, marketing pieces, online tutorials and videos, etc.

Reduce Time-Consuming Tasks
There are a lot of mundane tasks associated with onboarding. A majority of these can be handled online on the new hire’s own time, which allows for more time to be spent on more valuable things, such as starting to shadow and mentor with established team members.

Reduction of Errors
Onboarding through an HRIS can significantly reduce errors. Information that is entered one time can then be imported into other fields. The likelihood of errors decreases, as well as time spent, when you don’t have to do any double entry.

Easier on Compliance Requirements
Many HRIS systems automatically update as compliance requirements change. They can alert staff and make it easier to change according to new requirements.

Onboarding the perfect employee can be an exciting time, not […]

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Successful Employee Onboarding with HRMS

Is your onboarding process quick, easy and efficient? If you are always behind in this process, an HRMS can become the foundation of onboarding activities. Here’s some tips on how an integrated system can improve the efficiency and quality of the onboarding process.

Control Your Onboarding Process
If you have a system in place with multiple processes or workarounds, chances are your hiring managers are going to be drawn to the easiest one. Locking down your onboarding process and allowing only one process will improve efficiencies and minimize any “one-off” situations. Have your hiring managers use one onboarding process in your HRMS every time in order to drive efficiency.

HRMS Can Make the Onboarding Process Move Forward
A quick win in early employee engagement is to be ready on day one. It is critical to be organized and deliver the necessary paperwork, forms, orientation documents, and other onboarding tasks to the new hire as soon as they start on day one. Once this process is out of the way, the new hire can being training and therefore, start making a positive impact in your organization.

Integration with Other Systems
If your company has a number of systems and forms that are needed for every new hire, consider integrating the HRMS with other systems to start the process on other tasks, such as ordering an employee badge.

Contact us for a live demonstration of how InfinityHR can automate and streamline your workforce management needs.


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