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The Changing Environment of Mobile – Making Employees First


Perhaps it was no coincidence that the same year millennials became the largest generation in the work force that investors injected a collective sum of $2.4 billion into HR tech vendors. Mobile is clearly an emerging focus for HR technology innovators, and HR departments have a tremendous opportunity to connect and engage with their workforce through mobile technology.

In order to keep pace, mobile HR applications are looking to become tools for employees first. However, it’s important to not just adopt mobile for mobile’s sake. HR managers should choose tools aimed at providing value to employees and managers. Most newer HR systems are starting to be integrated with mobile capabilities as the demand grows. These apps cover everything from training to recruitment tracking to performance management, learning, and scheduling.

The bottom line is that mobile technology has already disrupted the market. In enterprise, it is quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception. Mobile phones are ubiquitous and there is a critical mass of users comfortable using mobile platforms in everyday life. Migrating HR services from desktops to apps is the natural next step for HR as mobile is becoming the preferred choice of employees.


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InfinityHR Launches New Human Capital Management (HCM) App for iOS and Android

Mobile App_Screen Shots_Layered_2InfinityHR is pleased to announce the launch of the InfinityHR Mobile App, an extension of our popular HCM platform that allows employees on the go to access human resource information they need wherever they are.

“We are living in a connected world and employees expect information and services to be delivered on demand in a mobile-friendly format,” said Jeff Torczon CEO & founder at Infinity Software Solutions. “HR departments and businesses focused on delivering innovative HCM, must meet their employees in the mobile space to stay relevant. Launching our mobile app allows our clients to connect and engage with their employees on the go.”

Mobile technology is disrupting the HR market. Look around wherever you are, and you’re likely to see people glued to their smartphones. In fact, your phone is probably sitting on your desk or in your pocket right now. Human resources is no exception as the workforce is already turning to mobile solutions.

“The modern employee expects that core workplace functions are accessible through mobile technology,” said Jacob Coulter, Product Manager at Infinity Software Solutions. “This release not only meets that need but allows us to be creative in the solutions we continue to deliver to our diverse customer base.”

InfinityHR is taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity to connect and engage through mobile technology. The InfinityHR mobile app gives employees access to Time and Labor Management, Benefit Management, and Employee Self Service functionality. The mobile app, ensures you always have the most up to date information wherever you are.

InfinityHR mobile app – HR Where you are.

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The Changing Environment of Mobile – A Shifting Strategy


Human capital management is at a crossroads with the digital economy. Leaders are struggling to create a strategy to maximize new technology that seems to push the envelope every day and closing this strategic gap is more imperative than ever.

Mobile phones are more powerful and faster than ever before and have transformed how we interact with content. This trend will not slow down anytime soon. By 2020, there could be nearly 21 billion connected devices. In addition, in 2015, the millennial generation surpassed Generation X as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. Millennials are tech savvy, have had cell phones their entire lives, and cannot remember a time before the Internet. They will expect flexibility, openness, and instant connection when using enterprise solutions. Thus, HR platforms must adapt.

Download our our free guide to learn how to connect and engage with your workforce through mobile technology.

InfinityHR Mobile App — HR Where You Are.

We are excited about the upcoming launch of our mobile app in the beginning of April. The mobile app, ensures you always have the most up to date information wherever you are.

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