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How to Successfully Evaluate and Adopt an HCM System

Choosing an HR Software

Choosing an HCM is a big commitment. HCM solutions are in a constant state of evolution, adding new functionality that meets market demands and the  ever-changing landscape of business processes. When considering an HCM solution focus on a solution that will improve your business processes, help fulfill you compliance requirements and offers great customer service when you need support. Having a mutual vision will help to ensure that the HCM solution will meet your requirements now and into the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn some common HR Technology acronyms
  • Review a checklist to use when evaluating HCM solutions
  • Details on key metrics to measure your newly implemented HCM
  • Tips on how to increase employee engagement once your HCM is implemented

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Converging Payroll and Human Resource Systems


Technology changes fast, and each successive generation’s expectations are quickly reshaping how human resources works with employees. In order to adapt, businesses must simplify their HR strategies to gain efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain employee engagement. The convergence of cloud-based HR systems and payroll is one area of opportunity that can help businesses stay competitive now and into the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how new technology and employee expectations are shaping HR strategy
  • Analyze how improving payroll processes can increase competitiveness and advance the employee experience
  • Explain how cloud-based technologies can enhance traditional HR services
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