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Use InfinityHR’s new EZSign for I-9

InfinityHR EZSign

With the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), employers are required to prove their employees are legally able to work in the United States.  The purpose of the I-9 form is to verify identity and authorization of any employee hired after November 6th, 1986 to work in the United States.  It is important that employers understand their roles and responsibilities in order to stay compliant and avoid civil penalties.

Announced on January 22nd, 2017 was a requirement that employers use a revised I-9 form to verify employment.  This now adds an additional layer of complexity to this ongoing requirement.  By staying current with shifting I-9 regulations and creating a trusted process to mitigate exposure will guarantee your HR Department is not subject to the penalties associated with hiring undocumented workers.

But how do you manage yet another requirement along with everything else?

Let InfinityHR help you stay compliant and take this manual process digital.  InfinityHR’s brand-new native EZSign can help you send, sign, store and secure I-9 documents, among other types of paperwork that is required in a compliant organization.

Using InfinityHR EZSign to manage your I-9 provides you with many features and benefits:

  • Support for Adobe PDF files.
  • Able to capture multiple signatures on one document.
  • Integration with Workflow Management.
  • Securely store signed documents in the InfinityHR application and designate where the documentation will be saved.
  • Creation of additional password security for digital signatures.
  • Digital signatures captured are legally compliant.
  • Access, sign and send important documents on the go, from any browser or your mobile device.

And that’s just the beginning!  Let InfinityHR manage your I-9 documentation on a long-term basis.

  • Save I-9 document under each employee’s […]

Spotlight on InfinityHR’s Employment Screening Solutions and Services

Did you know that one out of three resumes contains substantially incorrect information and 70% misrepresent at least one fact?

Since today’s candidate pool is larger than ever, finding people with the right skills, behaviors and values is extremely important. Organizations can’t afford to waste time and money pursuing less-than-ideal candidates.

With InfinityHR, powered by Aurico, you’ll never have to worry that important details are embellished or missing, or that you’re pursuing the wrong people.Background_Screen_Image_iMac_v3

Our partnership with Aurico offers our clients a full-range of background screening services to help you manage your staffing and performance needs throughout the hiring process.

Our screening programs are configured for you and can be activated and viewed directly within InfinityHR:

  • Background checks with actionable information
  • Detailed feedback from previous employers and supervisors
  • Drug testing with paper or electronic chains of custody
  • Proactive, solutions-focused service
  • Customized web-based report delivery
  • Comprehensive, country-specific international reports

To learn more about how InfinityHR employment screenings can benefit your organization, please contact us at sales@infinity-ss.com or give us a call at 1-866-TRY-HRMS (1.-866-879-4767)

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Case Study: How Parchment Finds the Right Talent Faster with InfinityHR

Coordinating employee screenings for their growing company left Parchment’s Human Resources department in an uphill battle against time. Parchment provides educators, associations and employees the ability to securely send and receive education credentials online. The company was looking for a screening solution that was flexible enough to support unique HR processes and function within best practices. A key objective was to not only improve communication with applicants but across the organization as well.Parchment_Logo

Parchment turned to InfinityHR’s employment screening service, powered by Aurico, to help streamline applicant screenings and add a layer of efficiency to their hiring workflow.

InfinityHR’s employment screening service provides tools to help manage staffing and performance needs throughout the hiring process, such as background checks, detailed feedback from previous employers, drug testing, and much more.

Background_Screen_ImageFor Parchment, integration with InfinityHR’s employment screening option to their existing system was easy and effortless. “I’m very pleased with the integration process. I was mostly surprised that it did not require much of my time to get us live,” says Sandy Solis, Manager of Human Resources for Parchment. 

Solis adds, “This integration will allow us to save time during the onboarding of our employees. We can now easily take an applicant’s information from their initial application, hire them, and run a background check with a few clicks.”

With today’s candidate pool being larger than ever, finding people with the right skills, behaviors and values is extremely important. With InfinityHR’s employment screening service, you’ll never have to worry that important details are embellished or missing, or that you […]

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