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1605, 2017

HR’s Role in Data Security is More Vital Than Ever

May, 16th, 2017|Human Resource Management|

Data Security-Ransomware

The lightning spread of the WannaCrypt ransomware attack was felt worldwide last week, causing problems for thousands of private and public organizations across dozens of countries. A new stage of the WannaCrypt ransomware attack could arrive with the start of the working week.

It […]

1205, 2017

Preparing for Open Enrollment Checklist

May, 12th, 2017|Open Enrollment|

Open Enrollment Checklist

With open enrollment and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting behind us, most HR execs are probably ready for a break as it relates to anything benefits. But preparing now can dramatically decrease the stress around your next annual enrollment.

Download our spring cleaning checklist and let us […]

1005, 2017

The Complexity of HR Convergence

May, 10th, 2017|Human Resource Management, Payroll|


People Cogs

Having a one-stop shop for payroll is optimal for companies and employees, but converging payroll and HR management systems into one software platform is a complex task. Payroll systems must store employee data, pay and benefits, compensation history, and other information. Payroll is an area that HR […]

2504, 2017

InfinityHR Launches New Human Capital Management (HCM) App for iOS and Android

Apr, 25th, 2017|Human Capital Management, Infinity News, Mobile Solutions|

Mobile App_Screen Shots_Layered_2InfinityHR is pleased to announce the launch of the InfinityHR Mobile App, an extension of our popular HCM platform that allows employees on the go to access human resource information they need wherever they are.

“We are living in a connected world and […]

2004, 2017

Employers Need to Optimize Enrollment Support

Apr, 20th, 2017|Benefit Management, Open Enrollment|

Effective communication and optimal enrollment processes are critical for employees to fully understand their benefits options. This is especially important for millennials as younger employees feel the least confident in their benefits decisions.  While millennials are the most tech-savvy generation, the majority of them value […]

1204, 2017

InfinityHR is proud to announce a 100% on-time filing rate for client ACA e-filings

Apr, 12th, 2017|Affordable Care Act|


InfinityHR is proud to announce a 100 percent on-time filing rate for client’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) e-filings. This includes a 31 percent increase in the number of EINs filing from tax year 2015 to tax year 2016. InfinityHR is poised to continue to help our customers […]

504, 2017

Employees Need Better Benefits Education

Apr, 5th, 2017|Benefit Management|



Attracting top talent with competitive benefits will always be a top priority for employers. With millennials overtaking Generation X as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, employers will have to become more creative and versatile. It will be important to customize […]

2803, 2017

Top Benefits Trends for 2017: Voluntary Benefits

Mar, 28th, 2017|Benefit Management|


Attracting top talent with competitive benefits will always be a top priority for employers. In the past, an appealing package may have included just retirement and health insurance. Today, with millennials overtaking Generation X as the largest generation in the U.S. […]

1603, 2017

Learn What Happens When Payroll and HR Systems Converge on March 28

Mar, 16th, 2017|ERP, Payroll, Webinar|


A decade ago, HR systems were designed around better tracking for payroll and benefits for HR professionals. Today’s expectations are different, and HR systems must now be designed with the employee in mind.

The worlds of payroll, HR, and business management are converging as companies adopt integrated solutions […]

803, 2017

Converging Payroll and Human Resource Systems

Mar, 8th, 2017|Human Capital Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll|


Technology changes fast, and each successive generation’s expectations are quickly reshaping how human resources works with employees. In order to adapt, businesses must simplify their HR strategies to gain efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain employee engagement. The convergence of cloud-based HR […]