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1808, 2017

Create a Human Resources Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Aug, 18th, 2017|Human Resource Management|

social media recruiting

Over the last decade, social media has quickly moved from a curious fad to something deeply ingrained in our daily lives. This is no different for human resources (HR). In fact, a recent Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) study […]

1508, 2017

The Benefits of Automation

Aug, 15th, 2017|Human Resource Management|

No matter their size, all businesses can benefit from automation. Companies using antiquated approaches may see increasing error rates and others may experience unsustainable operations costs. Poor or inadequate reporting may also cause HR management to look for an automated strategy. Finally, when […]

1008, 2017

Introducing our Director of Client Services, Christina Fortner!

Aug, 10th, 2017|Infinity News|

Christina_Fortner_1InfinityHR is pleased to announce Christina Fortner as our new Director of Client Services.

Christina has 20 years experience in customer and client services. She has a true passion for helping clients realize their goals. She attained her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Business Administration from ASU in 2005.  […]

708, 2017

Never Stop Learning – Get the Latest in HR and Technology

Aug, 7th, 2017|Human Capital Management|

Here at InfinityHR we love keeping you informed on the latest in HR and Technology. Below you will find some of our recent content pieces. We encourage you to take a look and hope you’ll find the information useful for improving your business processes and creating powerful employee experiences.

208, 2017

EZSign Users – Updated I-9 Form Available

Aug, 2nd, 2017|EZSign|

New I9 Form

All EZSign users now have access to the revised version of the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification that was released by the USCIS on July 17th. Beginning on September 18th, employers must use the revised form with a revision date of 07/17/17 N. Employers must continue following […]

3107, 2017

Maximize Human Resources Potential Through Automation

Jul, 31st, 2017|Human Resource Management|

HR Automation

Human resource (HR) professionals face great demands every day as they manage everything from employee requests and benefits to timesheets and payroll data. In addition, they need to continually monitor employee progress and oversee the hiring and termination process.

This is a lot to keep track of, […]

2707, 2017

Develop a High-Trust Culture that Attracts Millennials

Jul, 27th, 2017|Human Capital Management|


Millennials get a bad rap for job-hopping and a lack of loyalty. However, they are not job-hopping any faster than Generation X did when they were young adults. Therefore, employee loyalty and stability is within reach for many companies. In order to attract and retain Millennials, it […]

2507, 2017

Demand for Cloud ERP Driving Significant Increase in New Partners Joining InfinityHR

Jul, 25th, 2017|Infinity News|


We are proud to announce the addition of 10 new ERP Software Partners, adding significant momentum to our growing market share.

During the first half of 2017, we signed up a record number of new ERP Partners, including MindOver Software, Acuity Solutions, Lucid Consulting, Crestwood, and JAAS Systems, among others.


2007, 2017

EZSign makes it easy to send, sign, store and secure documents

Jul, 20th, 2017|EZSign|

EZSign makes it easy to send, sign, store and secure documents

Save time, money and paper by using pre-filled forms and collecting digital signatures for your documents within the InfinityHR workflow module. Watch the video below to learn more about EZSign.



1807, 2017

Six Tips to Creating a Culture that Attracts and Retains Millennials

Jul, 18th, 2017|Human Capital Management|

Millennials in the Workforce

Employee loyalty is priceless. It fosters long-term stability in an organization with a workforce dedicated to an organization’s success.

The Millennial generation has seemingly upended the hopes of companies looking for long-term commitment. However, their reputation as job-hoppers may be undeserved. Loyalty is a two-way […]