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1612, 2014

We’re Hiring at Infinity Software Solutions!

Infinity Software is hiring! We’re looking for enthusiastic and talented people to join our rapidly expanding team! We are looking for qualified candidates in for the following positions:

  • .NET Web Developer
  • SQL DBA/Network Performance Administrator
  • Account Manager
  • Implementation Specialist
  • Integration (EDI) Services Manager

Who Are We?
InfinityHR is a leading Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Our platform offers core HRIS management, applicant […]

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1212, 2014

Join Us for an Overview Webinar on InfinityHR – December 16 & 19

Join us for an introduction to InfinityHR and an overview our HRMS system features, including HR, webinarbenefit and attendance management, recruiting, development, web-time entry, and employee and manager self-service. You’ll learn how our Web-based system can help your organization increase operational efficiency and […]

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812, 2014

3 Tips for Selecting a Long-Term HRMS Solution

Choosing and HRMS is a big commitment. The end-result of the selection process is a positive relationship with a solid product, as well as a good partnership with your new vendor. When you’re at the selecting stage, what do you need to keep in mind when choosing a system and how can it be sustainable over […]

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212, 2014

Defining a HRMS User Security Strategy

User security strategy is a significant concern for any system, but it’s critical in an HRMS which holds personal data about employees, such as home address, date of birth and social security numbers, not to mention confidential job data, such as salary information. It’s a balancing act between allowing enough access to employee data to […]

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2411, 2014

Five Performance Review Mistakes Managers Make

Most organizations provide performance reviews on a regular schedule. Unfortunately, many managers and HR professionals never have specific training on how to make a performance review useful and effective, resulting in reviews that don’t mean anything or have any impact. Here are some common mistakes that are made during the performance review process.

Unclear or Vague […]

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1811, 2014

5 Ways to Achieve Maximum Employee Self-Service Buy-In

No matter how good a system is, unless it reaches maximum employee buy-in, it will not be accepted as an efficient HRMS with great self-service functionality. If an employee doesn’t trust the system or is not able to understand the effectiveness of the system, they will return back to legacy channels to get answers to […]

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1411, 2014

How an HRMS Can Help with Employee Turnover

Employee turnover can be very expensive. According to LinkedIn, the average yearly turnover at a company is 15 percent, 10.3 percent of which is entirely preventable. Losing workers and having to replace them is very expensive – LinkedIn noted that the average cost of avoidable turnover is $75 million for U.S. employers each year, and these […]

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1211, 2014

Manage Your Employee Feedback with Survey Management Tools

In all organizations, HR administrators and executives can benefit from understanding the needs, desires and sentiments of their employees. Often times, gathering this information can be very difficult to do or is done in an unorganized and unrepeatable way. For example, in many organizations HR administrators can benefit greatly from gathering an employee feedback survey […]

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1011, 2014

IRS Increases 2015 FSA Contribution Limit

FSAThe IRS announced in late October that the maximum annual contribution limit for health care flexible spending accounts will increase by $50, bringing the annual limit up to $2,550. This new limit will take effect FSA on January 1.

This is the first contribution increase since the […]

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611, 2014

Three Tips for Making the Most Out of Your HRMS Demo

Technology has dramatically altered the lives of HR professionals over the past 15 years. Today, much of what used to be time consuming and manual processes are performed by computers, freeing us to work on higher-value activities. And the demand for technological solutions to human resource issues increases each year.

What happens when you are the […]

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