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303, 2015

InfinityHR to Attending IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference Tomorrow


The InfinityHR team will be at the IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference starting tomorrow through March 6!

The IPPA Conference is a great opportunity to meet with service bureau owners, company leaders, and vendors. We will have a booth throughout the conference to visit with our clients and prospective clients. Stop […]

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2602, 2015

InfinityHR to Attend IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference – March 4-6


The InfinityHR team is excited to attend the upcoming IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. The IPPA Conference, held from March 4-6, is a great opportunity to meet with service bureau owners, company leaders, and vendors. We will have a booth throughout the conference to visit […]

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2402, 2015

HRMS and Automation

Human resources are at once a company’s largest asset and its best foundation for a productive and creative workplace. To remain competitive, organizations must become increasingly efficient at managing their human resource (HR) function. InfinityHR increases an HR department’s employee productivity and reduces costs by streamlining employee administration and automating critical processes.”automation”

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1702, 2015

6 Recruiting Metrics You Should Be Tracking

The main goal with recruiting is to bring the best available talent on board to help grow your organization. This means you must take the right steps ensure your recruiting and hiring efforts reflect the standard of excellence you’re seeking.

Today, smart business processes are fueled by data. It objectively examines your performance, revealing any trends […]

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1202, 2015

Expense Tracking and Management Tool

Automate your expenses, get visibility, and see how automated expense tracking can help your entire business with InfinityHR’s Expense Management feature.

Managing everyday business expenses can be a time consuming, manual process. Secure, cloud-based expense reporting is the most efficient and smart way to track expenses without receipts or spreadsheets.

Our flexible expense tracking and management tool allows you to […]

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1002, 2015

Selecting an HRMS System that Both HR and IT Can Agree On

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Human Resources department and the IT department are on opposite sides from how they operate within an organization. HR is involved in the people aspect of the business and how they perform various roles in the company. The IT department spends most of their time dealing […]

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602, 2015

InfinityHR to Release General Service Pack

InfinityHR is pleased to announce the release of a new service pack to be applied to several areas of the system.  We are referring to this release as a ‘General’ service pack.

Date: Friday, February 6, 2015
Time: 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM MST

What Will be Included in this Service Pack:

  • New: Expense Tracking Module
  • New: Expense Report Export Type
  • Improved Time & […]

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302, 2015

3 Ways HRMS Can Improve Your Recruitment

Whatever size your organization is or the number of employees you have, HRMS is a valuable tool that can help you attract the best talent. Here are three ways that your HRMS can help you in your recruitment efforts.

Utilize Employee Datarecruitment
Use your employee data to forecast upcoming promotions or retirements. […]

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3001, 2015

HRMS Implementation Costs to Watch Out For

The biggest expense in purchasing a new HRMS system is the ongoing costs of running the system over the course of its life span and the implementation of the system. Some costs are visible in plain sight and others can be hidden. If you’re not careful and don’t keep a keen eye on your budget, […]

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2701, 2015

HRMS Software Training Tips

Whether you’re implementing a new HRMS system or introducing new users to your current system, training is a key area to consider. Without proper HRMS training, even the best system will be misunderstood and underutilized. By planning ahead, you can ensure that the right training methods will support your HRMS implementation and contribute to the successful […]

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